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Farah Yamin, Solution Architect (Consultant)

Louise was easy to connect with, her coaching style being friendly, open and down-to-earth.  I really appreciated the wealth of her experience, practicality and insight.  She provided particularly helpful advice and encouragement for managing a variety of challenges as well as being a great sounding board for a number of ideas.  This has been an essential part of rounding out my career development plan this year.

Kamal Patel, Head of SWP Technology, SEI (UK)

My sessions with Louise have really been a great aid as I accepted additional responsibilities in my new role that effectively doubled my team size as well as the footprint of activities I was managing within the company.  My company has limited internal coaching which I do use as well but having an external, personal coach was a needed & well worthwhile step.

Louise has a very personable and relaxed approach and it was easy to discuss my personal development aims and growth throughout the 12 sessions with her.  I engaged with Louise after a large role change and therefore was not able to prep ahead of the transition but the techniques and clear thinking skills that she brought to our sessions helped me immensely during a tricky transformation period.

Her experience and background in financial services was also incredibly comforting in the sense that she was able to relate to the same challenges that I was facing and subsequently her advice and guidance provided me with the necessary tools to navigate through these issues.  These resulted in both some long term strategic planning tools as well as helping me navigate short/medium objectives.

I would highly recommend personal coaching in itself and highly recommend Louise as one of its best practitioners.

Nick M, Head of Department, UK Regulator

I was very pleased to have met Louise.

Her coaching style is friendly, results-based, and you feel in control of the conversation, though she skilfully steers you back on course if your thoughts wander.

A really great coach whom I would not hesitate to recommend.

David Jeacock, Special Advisor to the CDO, Bank of England

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Louise over a number of years on complex transformational projects, some global and others specific to the UK/Europe.

Louise’s key attributes from my enjoyable time working together include:

– Insurance and finance subject matter expert
– Collaborative team player, keen to support others
– Strong focus on delivery, driving value
– Excellent coaching and mentoring skills
– Change management best practice expertise
– Focus on adding value

Katherine Rae, Director, Talentology

Given Louise and I had never met before we were able to build a great rapport quickly.

Through the coaching sessions, we discussed quite a few topics that varied from the big picture to more specific things and Louise was able to skillfully ask me thought-provoking questions to enable me to find answers and kick-start my thinking process.

Louise listens extremely well, holding the space beautifully and reflecting back what she heard.  She asked me incisive questions leading to insights that I wouldn’t have discovered on my own

I have certainly been challenged in my thinking and perspectives throughout the coaching with Louise and as a result of our time together, I feel energised and ready to put into place the actions that were generated.

Charlotte O’Toole, Executive HR Specialist

I would like to thank you for the coaching you have given me. Your style and method is very effective, helping me to refocus my energies and complete some goals in my busy life.

You asked the right questions to lead me to consider where I was heading and what I wanted to do. The questions asked were instrumental in my focus and having to answer them honestly and out loud truly gave me the inspiration and helped me find my way.  This enabled me to feel incredibly ready for a job change when it was presented to me.

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I felt completely at ease with you and really enjoyed each session, a particular session where you asked me to focus on a point in the future and how I would feel, really helped me to shape the first 100 day plan when I stated a new job.

Your coaching was the start of my journey into feeling more career focussed again and helped me to feel confident with the changes which were presented to me.

Thank you so much.


Ruth Nowak, Entrepreneur

When I first met with Louise I had come up with a great idea for a business but I lacked the self-confidence and direction to get started.  This was difficult for me because before I had children I had a been very confident woman with a successful career.

Louise was encouraging yet at the same time challenging and not afraid to talk about difficult areas and ask tough questions.  On our very first meeting we tackled some very deep rooted issues.  As a result, I was able to see very clearly what I needed to change to make the first step to make space in my life for work as well as family.  By our second meeting I had dealt with the largest barrier and had the confidence to allow my business idea to become reality.

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I was surprised at how fast I was able to move toward my goals once my mindset had shifted.  I arrived at each session having made significant progress since our last. Each month we worked in small steps toward my end goal.

Then, after a few months, I hit a block. This came as a surprise to me as up to that point I felt like I was charging ahead.  Louise helped me to realise that I just needed to make small adjustments to what I offer my customers to fit better with my personality. My mind set changed and I could see how things would work.

Six months after our first meeting and I am a world away from where I was, both in self-confidence and professionally.  I have a business model that fits around my family life and can grow as my children become more independent.  I have moved from having a business idea, to a strong woman on a mission.


Jason Roberts, Managing Director, Human Capital Consultancy Ltd

“I can see clearly not the rain has gone”…

Before I ventured out into launching Human Capital Consultancy, I assessed many things like: The market, pricing, service relevance, pricing again, ability, self-confidence, competition, USP… a whole plethora of considerations. I did not realise just how lonely it would be. How alone you are in your thoughts. How morale can dip as you grow frustrated because your procrastinated too long over colours, font and choice of words.

I was introduced to Louise Seabrook Scrase, an ICF accredited Coach who has been incredible.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to who will hear you out, help you re-balance and get you to make sense of all the thousands of noises in your head.

If you are starting out or thinking about it, I would strongly recommend partnering/hiring, working with a coach.

Louise, thank you. Because of you, your corporate background and tremendous patience, I go on from strength to strength.