I deliver one to one and group coaching to enable positive sustainable outcomes for my customers with a focus on People-Centred Leadership.

I will work with you to deliver tangible results leaving your leaders with the skills and tools to sustain great performance through my structured coaching programs outlined below:

Leadership Coaching

This unique 12-week program designed to cultivate a people-centred approach to leadership within your organisation.

Working with Senior Leaders as a group, or one to one, this course takes place over 12 weeks of 1-hour video calls* (starting with a 2 hour planning session), when I will share the proven skills to be a People-Centred Leader and take your business to the next level:

On this course, participants will :

  • Discover their true leadership style and tone
  • Set and communicate a compelling vision
  • Identify and learn how to influence and manage key stakeholders
  • Master prioritisation and focus
  • Be confident leading strategy and implementing change

The best bit? Your leadership team will learn how to inspire their team, peers and stakeholders, while and deliver improved business performance and sustainable change.

First 100 days Coaching Program

Many Leaders starting a new role fail to deliver their promise because of lack of preparation.  After 1 month, they are busy fire-fighting and stuck in the mire trying to remember why they joined.  Worse still, their peers and their bosses are feeling disappointed and frustrated by lack of meaningful progress.

To ensure that you get the best out of your new leader and that they surpass everyone’s expectations this program sets them up for success from day zero – before they have even walked through the door.

Starting with a full day of planning, I’ll work alongside the participant for the first 100 days holding review meetings every two weeks. From managing key relationships to building a winning team, I’ll be there to help prioritise their time and accelerate their performance and to get results.

The 100-day program consists of six one-to-one sessions of 1.0 hour each, plus one full Strategy to Action Planning Day setting out their personal action plan.

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