At PinPoint Coaching we can help you navigate the challenges to being an oustanding leader.  We bring experience and expertise in managing teams, services and projects.

We deliver personal, group and team coaching to enable positive sustainable outcomes for our customers with a focus on Leadership development.

We work with you to deliver tangible results leaving you with the skills and tools to sustain your performance.

Leadership Coaching

The role of a leader has changed dramatically over the past decade, from executing tasks to leading people through coaching and engagement.

Keeping on top of these challenges requires skill – both managing yourself and leading your team.

The Leadership Coaching Program consists of 12 one-to-one sessions starting with a 1.5 hour strategy setting meeting and followed by weekly 1.0 hour sessions.

First 100 days planning

The moment you start a new role with a new team the expectations of your peers, your managers and your people are high.  You’ll need to quickly understand your unique environment, where you need to focus your time to deliver early results.

To ensure that you surpass everyone’s expectations you’ll need to set yourself up for success from day zero – before you even walk through the door.

Starting with a full day of planning, we’ll work alongside you for the first 100 days holding review meetings every two weeks. From managing key relationships to building a winning team, we’ll help you prioritise your time to accelerate your performance and get the results you want.

The 100-day program consists of six one-to-one sessions of 1.5 hours each, plus one full Strategy to Action Planning Day setting your personal action plan.

Strategy to Action Planning Day

Set yourself up for success by preparing ahead for a new role or a new year.  Take time out of the office for a day where we’ll work with you to create tailored action plans to deliver your strategy.  How you work across countries and time zones, and how to leverage your team’s skills and capabilities will be critical to you and your team’s success.

Ideal for managers and leaders with new positions we’ll start with a structured assessment of your current situation, what needs to be achieved, challenges, gaps and opportunities.

At the end of the day, you’ll have an action plan to take you and your team forwards to achieving your performance goals.



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