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Mastering the Virtual Team through Team Meetings

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How can you create a team spirit with team members in different locations or office based and home workers. Do you have a virtual team?  Maybe you do but just haven’t recognised it yet!

With the advances in technology that are available today, leaders find that they are managing people outside the workplace as well as in the same office location.  These are Virtual Teams.

With Virtual Teams, whilst the foundations of shared objectives and goals remain, those based in a single location are in touch with each other daily.  In this environment, team support is a bi-product of the connections that the team members.  Virtual team members don’t have that personal connection day to day you’ll need to build it for them.

Team meetings are keystone to building your team culture

  • Hold team meetings regularly and don’t let them slip out of a busy diary
  • Set an agenda that includes input from team members
  • Update the team on strategic and specific goals remembering the part they play in delivering success
  • Ensure everyone gets an opportunity to share their news and views
  • Don’t forget to bring the personal touch in, remember birthdays, work anniversaries, special events and successes
  • Create opportunities for collaboration across locations so that team members get to know and trust each other too

Have fun and learn about each other as you go and you’ll create a team spirit that grows and enables all of the team, wherever they are.


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About Louise: Louise is a qualified Accountant and seasoned manager with 20+ years leadership experience working within an International Financial Services environment managing global teams delivering:- - global change programs for IT and Finance - delivering savings of $25-30m - strategic organisational transformation with associated savings >$2m - services transition across teams, countries and organisations Louise has now expanded her change experience into transformational coaching and has worked with individuals and corporte clients enabling behaviour change and career success. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and In 2017, Louise started PinPoint Coaching to focus on Coaching and Transformational change full time.
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