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‘Global Leadership is Extreme Leadership’

Jo Owen, Global Teams – FT Publishing 2017

With the increase of globalisation of organisations leading diverse and dispersed teams is an everyday challenge.

  • How do you know what is going on without being able to see people day to day
  • How can you recruit the right people across distance and time-zones
  • How will you ensure that your communications to stakeholders and your team are not misunderstood?
  • Who are the key players who will impact your ability to deliver?
  • How are Head office vs Local agendas and ambitions going to impact your ability to deliver on your objectives?
  • How do you ensure your third party service providers are meeting their commitments?
  • How to continue to be a High Performing Leader whilst being ON all the time with mails and calls coming day and night?

So it’s clear, leading teams in complex and global organisations is extreme leadership.  You’ll need to bring all your skills and experience to the table to be successful.

With over 20 years of leadership and change delivery experience in an international financial services organisation working in global programs and operations, PinPoint can help you to formulate and deliver your strategy and how to deal with all of those challenges wherever you and your team are based.

Whether you chose one to one coaching or, coaching and mentoring you and your team we’ll ensure that you are equipped to meet your goals today and for the future.

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